Alliott Global Alliance’s 2023 Worldwide Conference in Athens: A Global Gathering of Minds

Greetings from Greece!

The international law and accounting sphere is buzzing as the Alliott Global Alliance (AGA) currently hosts its 2023 Worldwide Conference in Athens.

Boasting an impressive attendance of 160 representatives from law and accounting firms spanning 52 countries, this conference is making history as the largest and most significant gathering in the Alliance's history. David Baumgartner and Alex Vrahos are in Athens representing Baumgartners at the global conference.

A key highlight is the unique opportunity the conference offers to meet and connect with 47 new members in the AGA network. With a diverse delegation, this event is a testament to the global reach and inclusive nature of AGA. David and Alex are currently engaging with professionals from the United Kingdom, South America, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Greece, Italy, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Zimbabwe, Turkey, the Netherlands, Romania and Portugal.

The conference also offers an engaging agenda, featuring renowned speakers in their fields who delve into topics that shape the future of the industry. Among them are Jeremy Hyman, Simon Bulleyment, Dr. Raphael von Hoensbroech and Dr. Thomas P. Müller. Their insights cover a spectrum of subjects, from artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity to leadership and crisis management, providing attendees with valuable perspectives to navigate the evolving landscape of their professions.

As the conference enters its final days, the discussion among attendees will turn to strength of the alliance, the numerous opportunities it presents, and the corporatisation of the group. The focus on group collaboration has already been exemplified by recent endeavours, such as the collaborative pitch where over 20 offices from across the alliance joined forces to submit a single, global tender, reflecting AGA's commitment to seamless multinational cooperation.

The 2023 AGA Worldwide Conference in Athens is not merely a gathering of professionals; it is a convergence of minds from around the world, united by a shared commitment to excellence, innovation and collaboration. As AGA continues to break new ground, the annual global conference serves as inspiration for the legal and accounting communities globally, signalling a future of possibilities and growth.

Baumgartners and Alliott Global Alliance

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